Four great currents characterize the go2018:

These topics will be examined, disassembled and reassembled in Open Space workshops. Participants have the opportunity to adapt the format to their needs at any time. In this way, we analyse the areas that best address your current digitisation issues. Whether monetization of data, sample workflow or new business model - the go2018 offers you a unique platform and actively supports you in mastering your challenges.

Workshop 1
Process excellence & automatisation.
When everything works smoothly, everyone works smoothly.

Godelef Kühl
godesys AG

There are many challenges on the road to a digital business strategy. One of them is to re-check all customer-focused processes. Only through a strategic processual design can digitisation become an economic growth driver in your company as well.

In this workshop you will learn why business process management always is a task for your firm’s management and how BPM methods can be applied to make innovation and transformation processes more transparent. Its target is to pinpoint current problems in processes and to actively develop future scenarios for companies. For this we want to discuss guiding questions of digitisation, analyze processual strengths and weaknesses as well as to target solutions by presenting you how to dissect complex scenarios into smaller processes in order to make them more manageable.

Workshop 2
Working mobile.
More than just smartphone.

Christian Simon
godesys AG

The word “mobile” is on everyone’s lips. But what does it mean to work in a mobile environment? Does it mean you provide your field staff with an app to enter orders? Is it the logistics provider who enters stock numbers via a hand-held device? Or does it even imply to give your employees access to a comprehensive virtual work space that they can use to independently work from home?

In this workshop we want to devise scenarios in which mobile solutions aid to accelerate process chains, to improve communication and to minimize costs. “Ideally, we could…”, “I’d love to have…”, “can’t we also…” – let us talk about possibilities and real-life solutions.

Workshop 3
Success across all sales channels.

Zoran Tepsic
godesys AG

You do not have to possess a particular financial savvy to see that established sales structures become more and more obsolete. For instance, retailers who solely rely on permanent shops or a single customer group miss many chances. In order to maximize financial success, one will have to make sensible and tactical use of all sales channels.

But this is not only true for classic retail! Service providers and manufactures as well can explore this unknown terrain, for instance by selling directly to end customers or offering pre-defined service packages on the Internet. For this to work out, a holistic and considered use of ERP and CRM systems is indispensable. However, a digital guiding culture and infrastructure pose the greatest challenges for companies.

In this workshop we want to deal with questions like what channels will be decisive in the future, how customer data can be merged, what interfaces are required, how success can be measured and failures be avoided.

Workshop 4
Information management.
Is your system ready for tomorrow?

Hans-Jürgen Zinn
godesys AG

The demands on an efficient information management are ever-growing. For one thing, front-end applications become more specialized, on the other hand all intra-company and inter-company departments have to work consistently. The ERP system is the hub that has to make do with the always growing tasks.

Additionally, the amount of information is increasing, too. Addresses, articles, offers and orders, dispatch, procurement, stock – there is no business area that does not generate data of its own. For this reason, information not only has to be administrated and processed based on actual needs, but it also needs target-oriented processing as well.

In this workshop we will see how you can cope with the growing complexity of data, how information management will help you to automate processes and if and how artificial intelligence might one day aid you pro-actively in your job.

The location -
Hilton Airport Frankfurt

Hilton Frankfurt Airport is located in the world-famous THE SQUAIRE building above the ICE train station and is only 15 minutes from Frankfurt city centre. You can easily reach Terminal 1 via the pedestrian bridge and the A3 and A5 via the direct connection to the motorway.

The hotel is ideally located for all those who want to explore the sights of Frankfurt or the Rhine-Main area after or before the event, visit the fair or attend other events in the immediate vicinity.

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